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Company Overview

2015 marked the 100th anniversary for Wisconsin Metal Products. WMP is currently led by fourth and fifth generation family members. The Company has continued to innovate and produce high quality metal stampings for customers throughout North America. WMP is committed to improving production practices and eliminating waste through lean manufacturing and 5S. Our commitment to the future is evident in our extensive training and apprenticeship programs. Wisconsin Metal Products is known for providing excellent service to customers requiring high quality metal stampings. 


As a company, our metal stamping customers continue to rate us with high marks for our consistent delivery of low PPM's and on-time PPAP's. Our commitment to quality is driven through the staff who actively participates in the American Society of Quality (ASQ). Throughout the company, we hold to a high standard of continuous improvement by adopting best practices.

Wisconsin Metal Products - Metal Stamping Quality        Wisconsin Metal Products - Metal Stamping Quality


A global thermal management company enlisted the engineering expertise of Wisconsin Metal Products to help them design two heavy duty, stamped brackets. Wisconsin Metal forms these parts on a 1500-ton transfer press. Highlights of this project include in-die stud insertion, 180-degree part rotation in the transfer process, e-coat, and custom made shipping containers.


A leading industrial motion company made the decision to shut down its metal stamping department and outsource its stampings. Wisconsin Metal Products was not a current supplier to this company but was able to secure all of the high volume production parts with no negative impact on the customer’s just-in-time production schedules. These parts are produced with progressive, transfer, and first operation blank tooling. Wisconsin Metal Products is responsible for overseeing secondary operations such as double-disc grinding, plating, and e-coat.